In a word, AWESOME!

It’s pretty much impossible to exploit even a fraction of what your motorcycle is capable of on the road these days without significant risk to your licence, not to mention safety with increased traffic, deteriorating road conditions, and the unpredictability of what may lie around the corner.

Ride days allow you to dictate how fast you go and enjoy your bike’s capabilities in a way they were designed to be used.

You do not need a race bike, or even sports bike, to enjoy riding on the track.

With graded groups we cater for everyone – from the seasoned racer to complete novice.

A day on track will cost $130 ($80 junior) while our 2-day events cost $240 ($150 junior).

Camping at the track is available for $10 per person per night, under 16 free

The canteen is open for breakfast and lunch and offers a wide range of menu items.

We pride ourselves on running family friendly events with plenty of track time and a great atmosphere, an atmosphere we guarantee you will be unlikely to find at any other racetrack!