Contact racesec@macparkraceway.org.au for bookings as numbers are limited.

As Covid 19 rules being to relax we are able to start Ride Days at Mac Park, the first being June 27th, with restricted numbers.
Riders are strongly encouraged to bring their own PPE, hand sanitizer, wipes, facemasks etc 
No sharing of any equipment, tools or apparel 
Canteen will be open.
Social Distancing 
Maintain social distancing measures as per Government rules
No group gatherings, once riders have finished their activities then they should pack up and leave the circuit. 

Riders briefings will be done via the loudspeaker.
No mass sign-in, utilize self-printed form to be submitted, bring own pen, self scrutineering etc. 
It is preferred that only the rider attends the track as numbers are limited. The more extras we have the less riders are allowed. Juniors must have a parent/guardian with them. For example if we have 20 extra people (pit crew) we would only be able to have 60 riders.
Restrictions 
Under NO circumstances should ANYONE with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 attend the circuit. This includes any fever, respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, sore throat, cough, lack of sense of smell or fatigue. 
Under NO circumstances should ANYONE who has been overseas in the previous 14 days or been in contact with a known COVID-19 positive, attend the circuit.
All people who enter the circuit will need to sign in
All riders and teams encouraged to download the COVIDSafe app
An MA Licence is not required to participate in an Ride Park Australia Days, however MA annual licence holders receive personal accident coverage with their annual license.
You can attend this Ride day without having an MA licence but will have no personal accident insurance cover provided. We recommend sourcing your own personal accident insurance.
Bookings to made through me via email.
Please advise me of how many extra people (that are not riding) you will have with you.
Please advise group Expert, Non Expert, Novice or Limited (under 500cc) or Junior.
0ther information required (so I can do most of the paperwork for you)
Date of birth, Address, Phone number, MA Licence if applicable, Emergency contact person and their phone number.
Electronic payments only.
Cost: Seniors Track day $130 & $55 membership (compulsory)only if you don’t already have a 2020 membership
Juniors Track day $80 & $20 membership(compulsory)only if you don’t already have a 2020 membership