The club has set up a club benefit trust for those wishing provide financial support to the club through bequeaths, gifts or donations. Please read below for details.

Mount Gambier Motor Cycle Club Benefit Trust

Explanatory Memorandum

The Mount Gambier Motorcycle Club is a non-profit Incorporated Association Constituted under SA law for the purposes of promoting the sport of motorcycle road racing. Over the past 70 years or more the Club has developed the McNamara Park Raceway at Compton almost entirely from volunteer labour and contributions. It is unique amongst internationally certified motorcycle road race circuits in being entirely volunteer owned, managed and run.

In 2021 in order to assist the Club, it’s members and supporters to maintain a multi-million dollar raceway the Club established the Mount Gambier Motorcycle Club Benefit Trust for the sole purpose of providing financial support to the Club through receipt of bequests, gifts and donations of cash, shares and other financial assets and resources. The Trust is constituted by Deed with Trustees being appointed officials of the Club who supervise the operation of the Trust which as it grows will be managed day to day  by professional fund managers pursuant to the laws applicable to the management of Trusts. The sole and only beneficiary of the Trust is the Mount Gambier Motorcycle Club.  In accordance with SA Incorporations law the Trust is subject to annual audit and financial reporting requirements.

Ideally, for reasons of simplicity of management, bequests, gifts and donations should be in the form of cash because the task of managing other assets can be onerous although all bequests of whatever form may be considered by the Trustees including bequests subject to conditions specified by the donor. In all such cases the Trustees shall honour the terms of the grant subject only to their over-riding equitable duties pursuant to the Trust Deed.

Specific purpose ‘name bequests’ such as for a specific piece of infrastructure such as seating or a covered pavilion and to be named after the donor may be accepted in accordance with the terms of the gift although the Trustees have full discretion and the final say in assessing all such bequests according to the adequacy of the gift to complete the purpose nominated by the donor or for any other reason, in accordance with the Trust Deed.

The Trustees have wide management powers and can consider a wide range of possible gifts and donations although simplicity is preferred. Prospective donors are encouraged to discuss any donations or disposition proposals with the Club officials listed below.

Gifts, donations and bequests should be made to:-

The Mount Gambier Motorcycle Club Benefit Trust

C/o The Mount Gambier Motorcycle Club, 174 Mcnamara Park Road, Compton

PO Box 879 Mt Gambier SA 5290            [ Bank Details tbc]

President: Alex Trnovsky  tel: 0438762092

Treasurer: Rusty Crane tel: 0457123266

Mick Engberg tel: 0438647475

Rob Day tel: 0429 438878

Rick Biggs tel: 0409983233