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McNamara Park Raceway, better known as Mac Park, is unique in many ways.

Not only does it hold the distinction of being the only national standard club owned racetrack in Australia (and quite possibly the world), but it is steeped in a rich history dating back over 100 years.

While the track itself was conceived and constructed in the 1960’s, the Mount Gambier Motor Cycle Club can date it’s inception back to the turn of last century. Refer to the club history page for more detail on our incredible journey through this time.

That a track of this standard can operate and thrive in today’s environment is testament to the dedication and hard work of club members, both past and present.

The future of the club, and the track, is in our hands. We may be but custodians of the future, but it’s what we do now that is important to ensure the future is as bright as it can be.